15 Tips to Design Search Engine Friendly Website in 2016


The future is now. 2016 is around the corner. The best marketers and professional online users have already done this. They have designed a search engine friendly website which will make its mark in 2016 with great fanfare.

With these randomly listed tips, there’s no reason why you can’t make an indelible impression too. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.

  1. Focus on the future

In order to stay ahead of the pack, you need to be looking forward at all times. This is the main focus of your design and engineering strategy.

  1. Get noticed quickly

Think about people who stand out by the clothes they wear and the things they say and do.

  1. Research optimization

Work on your content vocabulary and grab browsers’ attention with original keywords that they might want to take a look at.

  1. Visual alignment

Where your logo, brand or personal stamp is stationed on your website also needs to be tested. Get your request for proposal website engineer to help with new alignments.

  1. Universal compatibility

Your RFP engineer also needs to help you with updates to new browsers which will enter the online market in the near future.

  1. Focus on the landing page

This is usually the first port of call for browsers so build a strategy around getting this page optimized in a refreshing new way.

  1. Set things in motion with the right team

Your best request for proposal team is always going to be future-oriented and up to date with what’s coming next in website development.

  1. See what’s trending

As a strategy, you also need to research what the popular topics are likely to be in the year ahead.

  1. Getting rid of the pirates

It is imperative that your RFP team help you with keeping your new or updated website a deterrent rather than an attraction for deviant and dishonest practitioners.

  1. Go back to the future

This is going to attract new browsers’ attention. Research design ideas from the past and wide of the internet to create an authentic and sophisticated look for your website.

  1. Time to get rid of clichés

Focusing on content and keyword use, work towards veering away from tried and tested and dated social media language.

  1. Less is more

Modern search engines favor an uncluttered look. Your designer can help you prioritize what should be relevant and what can be discarded.

  1. Green is better

Visually and content-wise, get used to the idea of environmental sustainability and align your web language with the future by staying with this necessary theme.

  1. Regular testing and tune-ups

Keep your engineering team on board for this because browser and web development will continue to evolve much faster than ever before.

  1. Think about the users

Apart from presentation, you need to be fully aware of what devices most users are likely to be using in 2016.

That’s it. A mere fifteen random ideas to get you excited about your future and help you develop an SEO friendly website which strives to exceed all expectations.