5 Reasons to Go for VPS Hosting


Businesses looking for hosting services that offer them dedicated space and bandwidth at reasonable costs should opt for VPS hosting. This is a hybrid form of hosting that aims to balance the spending constraints and infrastructure needs of businesses by offering them small dedicated sections of a server at reasonable costs. Offering more stability and security than shared hosting, VPS hosting in India is highly popular amongst businesses that wish to scale up their operations without committing too many funds. 

All You Need to Know About Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server hosting involves the separation of a single server to several virtual parts and dedicating each part to a single business. This model aims to cater to the requirements of medium businesses which may have low traffic currently but may witness or are likely to witness spurts in the near future.

Hosting providers in India offer several types of VPS plans for businesses looking to have optimal websites that are fast and easily accessible.

Here are five important features of VPS plans offered by hosting companies.

  • Higher storage and bandwidth than offered under shared hosting plans. This reduces the chances of fluctuations or outages in case of higher traffic.
  • One or 2 IP addresses depending on the plan chosen
  • Free domain for 1 year. It can be renewed on payment of additional charges after one year.
  • Access to one or 2 Core processors
  • 24/7 technical support

The benefits of choosing a VPS hosting plan are:

  • Users have the flexibility to install their own operating systems and software besides customizing their control panel.
  • They have guaranteed access to a specific amount of disk space and bandwidth irrespective of the usage levels of other websites operating from the same server.
  • Faster loading of your website results in positive reviews and better visibility of your website.
  • Higher level of safety and security since a business does not share its operating system with the other users.
  • It is a scalable service that can be enhanced in accordance with the increasing requirements of a business.
  • It is faster than a shared hosting plan
  • It is cheaper than a dedicated hosting plan

When to Choose VPS Hosting?

Usually seen as the next step for websites who find shared hosting resources to be inadequate for their growing requirements, VPS hosting is highly suitable in many situations:

  • Businesses or e-commerce websites handling personal and payment details of their customers require adequate safety and stability. VPS hosting is a perfect solution for such businesses since it keeps your data in separate virtual servers.
  • Increased traffic flow occasionally can be handled easily if you are using VPS hosting
  • Businesses looking for staging environments to test and try out new software or features for their websites can benefit from the virtual servers.

Businesses looking for more control, better security and greater flexibility at reasonable costs should opt for VPS hosting in India.