9 Different Benefits that USB Type-C Adapters Offer


USB-C cables are the lightening fast ways of charging your smartphones and Macs in no time. You can also use them to connect any two devices that have USB-C ports and share data in a very fast speed. These cables have connectors that are made up of anodized aluminium. Which is why, they are strong and last longer than any ordinary USB cable. Also, USB-C cables can be plugged in both directions – back and front. However, not all devices are type C compatible. Which is why, there are USB-C adapters that work as a link between different devices for syncing, pairing, and data transferring.

9 Must Know Features and Benefits of USB-C Cable Adapters

A USB type c cable adapter should ideally be a multiport device. Also, when purchased from companies like PrimeCables, you get tools that are covered by a warranty. Below are the 9 features and benefits of USB-C cables that you must know about.

  • A good type c cable adapter should have more than 2 ports. Such adapters are capable of pairing USB-C 3.1 to USB 3.0, HDMI, and RJ45 interface. Also, there has to be a standard Type C charging port for all compatible devices.
  • The adapters like PrimeCables ® USB 3.1 Type-C (USB-C) Multiport Adapter offer a high transmission speed of 5 Gbps. Also, it can support a resolution as high as 1920*1080 @60Hz. Besides, the per lane data transmission speed is 1.62Gbps (RBR) and 2.7Gbps (HBR).
  • These adapters are bi-directional. It means they can convert Type-C input data into HDMI output.
  • A USB-C adapter with 4 ports has divided properties. 1 port is a female HDMI port with 1080p resolution. The 2nd port is a female charging port. The 3rd one is a female USB 3.0 port. And the last, the 4th one, is the RJ45 port.
  • The HDMI and charging ports in these kinds of adapters are used to pair two monitors that have compatible USB ports.
  • The charging port supports Google Chromebook pixels, MacBook, and the gadgets with compatible type C ports.
  • The cable length varies and you can purchase any according to your comfort. The ideal average length however is 15 cms.
  • It is for the Ethernet port in these adapters that gives you the ability to gain access to different high transmission speeds.
  • Lastly, the USB type-c adapters are super light and portable. Besides, their connectors are corrosion resistant and the wire can withstand twisting and folding without getting damaged.