Are You Currently Purchasing the best Notebook?


If you want to make use of your computer on the highway you might be thinking about buying a laptop or laptop. However, the technical specifications of those portable computer systems could be bewildering. If you wish to choose the right laptop for your requirements, it’s wise to begin by understanding the main features and specifications. What will they all mean?

Here are some probably the most common specifications by having an explanation of methods it requires usage. By working the right path through their list you are able to select the specifications you will need.

For example, for those who have simple computing needs, by dealing with their email list you’ll notice that single.4 to at least one.6GhZ CPU, a memory as high as 516MB along with a hard disk as much as 80GB will met your needs. After that you can consider other available choices like weight and batteries.

Central Processing Models (CPU)

Dual or single core processor

1.4 to at least one.6GHz – fundamental computing functions including word processing, email, watching movies, uploading photos, small document files.

1.8 to two.0GHz – installing presentation software, editing photos and graphics, and fundamental computing functions.

2.6GHz – editing movies, gaming, other multimedia production


five to six pounds – utilized by individuals who travel frequently.

6 pounds – utilized by individuals who travel less frequently or shorter distances.

7 to eight pounds – utilized by individuals using their own laptop mainly in your own home.


256 to 512Mb – watching movies, viewing photos, fundamental computing functions.

1Gb – multiple computer programs previously, editing movie and graphics files, excel spreadsheets and presentation software, gaming.

2Gb – gaming, creating DVDs, using graphics software.

Hard Disk – Fundamental, built-kept in storage

40 to 80Gb – Storing documents, financial software, excel spreadsheets

80 to 240Gb – Music, movies, photos, games

Disc Drive

DVD/CD-RW combo drive – watch DVDs, burn CDs

DVDR/RW with double-layer support – burn both DVDs and CDs.

Graphics Card

Standard graphics card – 32Mb: excel spreadsheets, fundamental computing functions

Mid-range graphics card – 128Mb: viewing movies and photos

High-quality graphics card – 256Mb and: video editing, graphics, gaming


12-cell Li-Ion battery – 1 to 4 hour run time based on size computer, one to two hrs when viewing a DVD

8-cell battery – 3 hour run time based on size computer, 2 hrs when viewing a DVD

6-cell lithium battery – two to three three hour run time based on size computer, 2 hrs when viewing a DVD

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