Artificial Intelligence Remains a Leading Business Marketing Trend


In the age of rapidly expanding and improving technological resources, business owners of all types can find ways to achieve more throughout the workday. Consistently ranking at the top of that list is artificial intelligence, which can aid a variety of industries in an increasing number of ways. The applications outlined below offer a few of the most promising uses of this emerging and powerful business resource.

Communicating With Clients in a Human Tone

Though chatbots and other innovative programs have allowed businesses to leave some communication tasks to technology, recent advancements have made the process more seamless and user-friendly. The latest algorithms used by experts like Eyal Gutentag provide immediate and relevant answers to queries submitted by text or voice. In some cases, a customer will see no discernible difference between chatting with a bot and talking to a human operator.

Personalizing Your Message for Maximum Conversions

Advertising online can sometimes feel disjointed and unfocused. Instead of blasting web or smartphone users with generic marketing content, current trends allow for sending targeted ads to potential customers a business would like to reach. This will not only provide a better user experience for those receiving the ads, but marketing departments see an increase in clicks and engagement with that content.

Tapping Into the Capabilities of Digital Assistants

The overwhelming majority of smartphone users are already interacting with the digital assistants downloaded to their devices. Through appropriate use of artificial intelligence, reaching people via these helpful programs can be an effective form of marketing. This strategy will provide opportunities to expand the customer base while also introducing new areas of the market that make sense for a business to start exploring.
Today’s business climate consists of numerous exciting high-tech products and services. Fortunately for entrepreneurs and marketers of all stripes, it is also easier than ever to incorporate artificial intelligence into a company’s business plan.