Bespoke Software Development


More and more business organisations are embedding technology into their daily activities to compete in the corporate environment. Organisations either buy off the shelf software or hire software solution services for this reason. Different organisations need a different kind of software and technologies. There are many off the shelf software easily available but they don’t always meet the specific requirements of a company since they are developed according to certain standards.  Due to this reason, business organisations are turning towards bespoke software development.

What is Bespoke Software?

Software that has been developed or tailored according to the specific needs and demands of the organisation is called bespoke software. The word bespoke has links with the history of clothing. People who had enough money used to get suits that were tailored exactly to their fit and style. Hence, the term bespoke means something that is tailored according to what suits you. Therefore, any software solution that has been customised for you is bespoke software, you can read more here about custom software developers.

Comparing Off the Shelf and Bespoke Software

The market is flooded with off the shelf software. Famous companies like Microsoft have developed standard solutions that can be used widely. Usually, the customer has to pay a license fee and start using the software. They are cheaper, have more functionality since they cover a majority of the standard requirements and it is easier train employees about them since they are already widely in use. Off the shelf software often come with community support like user manuals and troubleshooting manuals.

On the other hand, bespoke software meets more than the standard requirements. They fulfil the specific requirements of your organisation. As compared to the functionality of off the shelf software, bespoke software comes with more flexibility i.e. it can be upgraded as your needs change. Bespoke software requires a one-time development cost instead of paying for each separate user.  Bespoke software earns you a competitive advantage over your rivals as they will never have software like yours.

Benefits of Bespoke Software

Investing in a software enterprise is a major decision. Following are some benefits of bespoke software development.

  • You pay exactly for what you need. Commercial software can often have features that you won’t be using and don’t need to pay for. Therefore, with bespoke software you get exactly what you need without wasting extra money.
  • You don’t have to pay any license fee and you own the software after it has been developed.
  • Your developer will know the details of your software and how you use it. Therefore, you can easily and quickly get your problems solved through your developer.
  • You can always contact your developer if you want the software to evolve as you’re your business grows and expands.
  • All changes can be integrated into the developed software. Commercial software might fail at some point to provide any more functionality leading to buying extra software solutions.

Bespoke software development is time and cost efficient. It is important to build good relations with your developer in combination with valuable bespoke software.