Company Reports


Company reports are utilized to give investors along with other stakeholders information about how the organization performed through the entire year. The report includes many sections, however these can generally be consolidated into three parts: the beginning includes the summary of the report, having a report in the Chair along with other senior personnel, and a listing of the year’s activities. Part two may be the detailed financial summary for that year, for example profit and loss accounts, balance sheet and also the income statement. The 3rd and final part may be the notes towards the account. This might have oversimplified this type of detailed document, however the aim would be to provide a general summary of the dwelling. This information will cope with the beginning and part three.

The beginning will show you about the organization, provide a brief financial summary for that year and can include statements from senior management. This is extremely helpful as a listing of what the organization does and to some degree the way it has performed all year round.

Even though the beginning a part of company reports could be helpful and fascinating, it ought to be given caution by investors. This portion of the report is going to be attempting to place a positive spin around the company’s financial report and activity all year round. You can use it to understand the organization can be, but investors need to choose the details.

Similarly, using the Chairman’s Statement it’s best to ‘read between your lines’. Although the Chairman won’t freely give not so good news, unless of course it’s very apparent, they’ll hint at not so good news through word choice and subtle references and investors need to look with this although studying the statement.

The Notes towards the Accounts is an extremely important section. Some investors reason that this ought to be read first because it provides a greater understanding of how the organization has developed the figures they’ve, for example valuation of assets. In addition this details the pay the company directors will get and could hide key, usually bad, news.

So a business report may be used to gain an introduction to a business and it is operations, or you can use it to analyse financial results and consider whether or not to invest. However, when deciding it’s best to disregard the beginning, and focus on parts two and three, in addition to gather information using their company sources.

Where do you think you could present your company report? If you want to reduce the retention of employees you could present those reports that talk about the clients your company is working with and how you are progressing in serving your clients.