Developing A Custom Mobile Application Strategy


Any business trying to make it into today’s global economy needs to be online. Even if your business is a small, local, face-to-face, service-based company, you must have a web presence of some kind.  If you can create your own app, too, that is even better.

Of course, not everyone is prepared to dive into app development. So if you are considering going down this road you need to develop a solid mobile app strategy.  To get you started, then, here are three basic principles you should follow while developing your customized mobile application.


Every company will have diverse aspects to their business.  Each aspect will have its own set of priorities and needs, strengths and weaknesses.  When you prioritize your application portfolio, you work within an objective process focused on weeding out the specific goals of each business aspect to help make more informed decisions based on how each aspect’s goals will align with the overall goals of the company.  This will help you to better determine where to focus your app’s attention.  Your IT department will likely have already established some of these characteristics independently so you will be looking to incorporate and blend these ideas together.


While it may be easy to start out using templates and models to develop your app, it is extremely important to utilize various levels of custom app development to meet the specific objectives of this application.  Simultaneously, any organization who wants to succeed in this arena will need to decide how they will meet these needs through both internal and external development.

To get started, though, you may want to work on standard app development customization so you have a foundation from which to build in the future.


And finally, when trying to create an application portfolio—and the unique standard toolbox you need to operate it—you will also want to get started with establishing early governance for standards with the mobile app development policies that can act as your bottom line throughout the organization.  This will ensure that every sector of app development—from creativity to problem solving to expansion—will begin and end with the same ideologies and policies.