Exploring Software Designing; 7 Things for Why Software Expert Witness Is Needed


Designing a special and innovative technology, Garry kitchen created a divine idea that explored the basics to advanced format. With his software skills, he has been designing video games, software and various professional softwares. As being a technology expertise, he has taken the pride to witness in legal matters; these are concerning video games and mobile app design and development. Patent infringement and invalidity, copy right infringement, general software development, video gaming industry and many others.

What this has been supporting to:

As being a software expert witness, he has devised these to:-

  • Inspect large, complex code bases with explanation of their working process.
  • He has created the authority to serve expert reports to support specific conclusions with technical evidence.
  • This service has been providing with a proper expert witness testimony and consulting.
  • Using this expert witness process, he has helped many to develop or refute patent infringement claim charts.
  • These are drawn out of the technical feedback and perspective during claim construction.
  • Using this proper investigation prior to art and research patent invalidity has been done.
  • He has designed a consult on ITC investigations related to computer software patents.

Solving software disputes:

With this professional, a proper investigation process has been designed. This is going to help detect software development failures that results in breach of contract law suits.

This is going to help analyze whether a software license or software copyright infringement has occurred. Rather it will also perform a better analysis to software failure and help determine if the harm can be avoided.

Using this expert witness one can also perform forensic data recovery to retrieve and repair valuable information that has been deleted, damaged or lost.