Five Reasons to Build Your Own Custom PC


These days, almost everyone has work or personal tasks that require them to have a desktop computer at home. Even though many people find that they can get by doing many tasks on their tablets or smartphones, the great majority of people still need to have a powerful PC somewhere in their home for handling various tasks. Photo editing is becoming more popular than ever since people have high-quality cameras built right into their smartphones. Many others are starting businesses in their home that require that they have enough power to handle tasks such as video editing.

PC somewhere

While tablets and smartphones can handle many tasks, having a dedicated PC for more serious tasks has a lot of value. However, just purchasing an expensive piece of hardware doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get great performance. In fact, there are a lot of reasons to consider purchasing one of Chillblast’s custom PCs. Let’s take a look at a few reasons for you to build your own custom PC.

Aesthetic Case Design

While the physical design of the PC may not be the first thing on your mind, having a design that matches the rest of your office can actually do a lot for you in the long run. As a matter of fact, people do better work when their workspace is organized in a manner that is not distracting. Aesthetic design is becoming more and more popular among PC manufacturers for this reason. At the same time, having a physical design that you can appreciate may result in you keeping the PC for a lot longer, which can help you get the most for your money.

Aesthetic Case Design

The designs of these custom PC cases are varied, and you’ll certainly be able to find something that meets your needs. There are designs meant to be very minimal and out of the way to prevent PCs from being too distracting. There are also designs that are very small, which makes it easier to store your PC. If you’re running low on space, this gives you the opportunity to get a PC that doesn’t take up any additional room. In this way, even if you don’t have a need for an extremely powerful PC, a custom PC can still be a great choice for you.

Get a Quality Motherboard

It can be fairly difficult to find out exactly what parts are in a PC that you buy right off of the store shelf. Unfortunately, much of the time, this information is difficult to find for a reason. In an effort to save money, many PC makers leave out important details about parts to which people don’t typically pay a lot of attention. Most consumers are concerned with the speed of the CPU and GPU, but care very little about what type of RAM is used, or which motherboard is in the system. This can create real problems for PC users that have specific goals in mind for the machine. Being able to choose your own motherboard gives you peace of mind since you can be confident about its quality. This will protect you from certain compatibility issues you may otherwise end up with when installing custom parts in the future. It can also give you the opportunity to quickly and easily expand your PC to make it faster, or to add additional storage space.

PC Quality Motherboard

Quality Parts

In addition to the motherboard, many other parts on an average PC may not be of the quality that you really expect. Parts that people don’t typically pay a lot of attention to are generally not a priority to many PC makers. They know that consumers generally know fairly little about many of the parts that go into a PC, so they take advantage of this and use cheap or unreliable parts elsewhere in the system. Sound cards, for example, are generally not pieces that many consumers pay a lot of attention to, but if you want to get high-quality surround sound out of your system, you’re going to need a sound card that can support this. You may also have the need for high-speed data transfers from other devices, and building a custom PC ensures that you have the option to get a machine that allows you to attach other devices easily.

A Clean System

Most PC makers today have licensing deals with software makers to put versions of their software on all of the machines that they sell. This can slow down your PC and create hours of work for you if you want to remove everything. Recently, a popular PC manufacturer was found to have installed software that tracked user behaviour, and then reported it back to the PC maker. Unfortunately, this is not an extremely uncommon practice, and many PC users find these violations of privacy to be very offensive.

PC Clean System

Building a PC from scratch means that your PC is completely free of any kind of software when you purchase it. This protects you as a consumer, and also ensures that you get the best performance out of your PC when you first purchase it. This also saves you quite a bit of time that would have been otherwise spent searching for this intrusive software, and then removing it from your system. This is a huge advantage to many PC users who really care about having maximum disk space and optimal performance.

Upgrade Anytime

Do you ever become frustrated with the speed of your current phone, tablet, or laptop? The problem with the majority of devices that people have today is that it’s impossible to improve their performance. Although it’s possible to improve things somewhat by removing unnecessary software, beyond that, you’re stuck with the speed your system can put out. When you purchase a custom PC, however, you can upgrade any of the components whenever you feel it’s necessary, and this could save you a lot of money over the next few years.

PC Upgrade Anytime