How Professionals Can Optimise Your SEO


Every day new SEO companies are being created on the internet and each one claims to be able to put you at the top of Google’s rankings. But do you know how they can actually help your company and if they can follow through on their promises? By learning how the professionals can help your business, you will be better able to choose a company that is right for you.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and hiring a professional company can improve your Google rankings, as well as improve your online reputation. Trying to optimise your site on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating unless you specialise in this area and have years of experience. This is why hiring a professional company to handle your SEO in Dubai is a better option than trying to tackle it yourself.

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What the Company Provides

Once you decide on an SEO company, they will look at the structure and content of your website and provide you with a report on it. This report could be verbal or written, but it will refer to any errors or areas that need to be addressed on your website. Next they will look at the technical aspects of the website such as hosting, error pages, redirects, and how JavaScript is used. By getting a good overview of the technical aspects of your website, they will figure out what can be better optimised and what is working well. In addition, they will be able to fix what is not working so your website runs more smoothly.

Another thing they look at is content development. Content is a large part of SEO, so the company will look at the current content on your site and decide whether you need more. Furthermore, the company will provide services to better optimise the existing content on your website.

What the Company Provides

Keyword research and SEO training are two other areas that professionals companies assist with when it comes to SEO. By having professional keyword research completed, you will better know the competition and find the keywords to suit your company. Keywords are what people put into a Google search to find your company, so it is a good idea to have the right keywords on your website, so Google is better able to find you. SEO training is important for you and those you work with as it will teach you tactics you will use in the long run. Keeping SEO knowledge up is important, so by building a foundation of knowledge now, you will be better able to continue with SEO in the future.

SEO companies have expertise in various markets and geographies. A local SEO company will have more information about the area you are located in, the target market you are going for, and how best to reach them through SEO optimisation. A company from across the world may not have this inside knowledge. In addition, the SEO company does all the research for you, so you can focus on other aspects of your business to keep it running smoothly.

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Questions to Ask the Company

When shopping for a reputable SEO company, there are a few questions to ask the prospective company to ensure they follow appropriate guidelines and will be better able to help you. This will also give you an idea of what exactly the company can do for you.

What are the finest SEO techniques you use? By asking this question, you will have a solid answer of how exactly the company can provide you with better SEO. Furthermore, the answer will tell you how much SEO knowledge the company has and if they know what they are doing.

Do you follow Google Webmaster guidelines? Every company working in SEO optimisation must follow these guidelines, as failing to do so may get you or your company banned by Google. Make sure the company completely understands these guidelines and familiarise yourself with them as well.

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In what timeframe can I expect to see results? How can I measure the success of my strategy? These questions will provide you with a timeline over which to watch your website and see if it has improved in Google’s rankings. In addition, you will better understand how to measure the success of your SEO campaign.

Can you share some recent success stories or examples of your work? This will provide you with a better idea of how the company works and how successful they have been in previous campaigns. If their work is not up to your standards, ask questions about what worked and what didn’t during the campaign. See if the company has learned from mistakes they have made and have learned how to improve their SEO techniques.

How can I communicate with you? Communication is a large part of a successful campaign, and you and the company need to be able to communicate on a regular basis. Will this communication be through email? Will you be able to call and ask questions?  These are important things to consider when hiring an SEO company.

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Things to Remember

No company can guarantee you the number one spot in Google’s rankings. SEO companies do not have a special relationship with Google or have certain privileges with the company. If a company doesn’t distinguish between organic search results and ads that appear on the page, be wary of the company as they may not be as reputable as they seem. Before hiring any company, check out their WHOIS information. If they have multiple WHOIS accounts or aliases, be wary of them as they may not be as honest as they seem.

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Hiring a professional SEO company can provide you with higher Google ranking results, improve your reputation online, and take care of your marketing campaigns. This saves you time so you can better focus on your business and allow the professionals to handle the optimisation. Watch out for companies who offer empty promises or cannot provide all the information you ask for as they may be rogue SEO companies.