How To Improve Your List Segmentation Strategy?

  1. Gather contact details

When visitors add their contact info on forms, consider the info as generic demographic info. This can be useful for email marketing but doesn’t give you specific targeting for lead conversion. Rather than depending on forms, make the use of analytics and metrics to make the most of them. The more data you collect, the better. And for the same, you can hire the best digital marketing agency in Hong Kong

  1. Build your criteria and segments

List segmentation helps in building steps that differ in various marketing software platforms. But the strategy for the same also remains the same. You start with contact list and have a segmentation strategy that mirrors with your marketing strategy. Begin by having key defining properties in place, then place them in the database. And customized software solutions are all you need here. They let you choose property combinations to make segments.

  1. Track your results

This marketing concept can always be improved, you can always revamp the strategy. The best way to address the future changes and the customized tweaks is to track your results. Track your open rates carefully, CTR and eventual email related purchases for determining your best performing segments.