Implementing Strategy Management Software: The Need for Onboarding Accelerator


As the name suggests, strategy management software is designed to simply planning & execution of strategy. Strategy cannot be contained in a folder or spreadsheet, and to make things happen, it is necessary for executives & managers to work in a collaborative manner, and that’s exactly where strategy management software can be useful. Even with the most adept organization, implementing a software program without impacting operations is not easy, and to simplify things, many developers are now offering what’s called an onboarding accelerator. So, what is an onboarding accelerator? We take a look into the basics.

The basics

An onboarding accelerator simplifies the process of implementing strategy management software for new customers. Most developers and companies behind these software programs rely on strategy management software, to reduce chaos. This is also because such software is typically customized for the concerned organization, so every step of the onboarding process has to be checked. Many developers also offer a dedicated manager, who will look into the onboarding strategy and handle the hiccups along the way.

How does the onboarding accelerator work?

The manager dedicated to an organization will use the onboarding accelerator to create a custom path for implementing and launching the software. They would offer recommendations on how to make the most of the strategy management product and suggest the means and practices to achieve the same. The role of the manager is to offer training for the management and executives, who would be eventually using the strategy management software. The person will guide on the application of such software, and how to prevent some of the common issues that crop up in the process of execution. The onboarding accelerator is designed to simplify both implementation & adoption, because both don’t mean the same things. The process of onboarding communication will try and understand the work culture of the enterprise, and the manager will rely on onboarding accelerator to create the right path.

Final word

Implementing strategy management software is always hard, considering that organizations often have a particular and rigid approach to what is done. With onboarding accelerator and a dedicated manager, developers intend to simplify the task and plan implementation in a phased manner. This is done so that the managers and leaders have enough time to understand the features, interface and can identify how the software will influence their day-to-day working model. This is easily the most efficient way of using a strategy management product.