Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Security Cameras


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably bought some security cameras and looking to make sure you are not making mistakes during installation or maybe you’ve installed them but want to confirm you have done it right.

Well in this article, you’ll learn of a few mistakes to avoid, especially if you want to install your security cameras yourself without calling a professional.

The most common and biggest mistake during installation is poor positioning. Ever wondered how some video content caught on camera possess poor quality? Like blurred vision, distorted views by trees and other objects, direct interference with incident light rays etc.

Positioning iskey when it comes to security cameras. Where your cameras are fixed determines the quality of what is captured. A blurred video used as evidence for either conviction orvindicative purpose is likely going to prove useless afterward.

The trick is not to make all the cameras concealed. “Why?” you may ask.  Studies show that about 80 percent of burglars would determine if a house is adequately secured and 60 percent would look for another alternative if the house is. Anything you can do to prevent a break-in is more valuable than the expenses after a break-in. So, the best way is to prevent any burglary activity in the first place.

We make a few of the cameras visible to keep them away and a few concealed for the stubborn and professional burglars. Positioning outdoor cameras would deter prospective burglars, identify and increase chances of intruders being caught.

So, let’s talk about the ideal places to install your cameras.

Front door

As earlier said that prevention is better, so placing a camera at your front door helps a lot. 34 percent of burglars use the front door; that’s why this place is ideal. Not only does it deter intruders, it also helps in catching them if they weren’t so observant of it.

Side and Backdoors

The front door is most likely not an option for a burglar probably because it is in the open. 22 percent of burglars opt for entrance through side and back doors. Install your cameras here. If there are adjacent windows, install one there too. This way, you will have an optimal view of both sides.


Side and back windows are very vulnerable to intrusion because they are not in an open view. 23 percent of burglars take advantage of this and break them to gain entrance if the front and side doors are formidable. Place cameras here.You can make it visible to scare them away.


9 percent of burglars infiltrate homes through their garages. Although this is often the last resort for them, however, be sure to place security cameras at your garage doors.

In cases of outdoor security cameras that are exposed, be sure they are weather-proof and have night-vision features – a good one you could opt for are the Hikvisioncameras. They seem to be made from quality materials and are mostly waterproof. Recently, the company is making waves and been recognized globally for their amazing discoveries and efforts in cybersecurity. You will want to partner with such company anyway.