Movavi Video Editor: Great iMovie Alternative for Windows


If you’ve recently migrated to a PC after using a Mac to edit your videos for all this time then you may just be coming to grips with the fact that you can’t use iMovie on it. While that is understandably a bit inconvenient, what you really need is a video editor that is similar enough to it both in terms of its features as well as its user-friendly nature.

On both those fronts Movavi Video Editor is a great alternative to iMovie. In the same way iMovie is known for making editing videos seem easy and straightforward, Movavi Video Editor is as well with an intuitive approach that will let you familiarize yourself with its features in minutes at most.

As far as those features go, you’ll find that Movavi Video Editor is really on par with iMovie in every way. Using it you will be able to quickly start editing your video to trim out any footage you don’t need, merge video clips together, improve the quality of your videos or fix problems such as blurry, pixelated or interlaced video segments.

Additionally when you use Movavi Video Editor you’ll also be able to draw from a huge library chock full of effects and filters. Not only will these effects let you use artistic filters such as oil painting, retro and so on – but you could also add flying options, use a slow motion effect, and much more.

All that is really just the tip of the iceberg, and as you explore the full depth of Movavi Video Editor you will be able to create video slideshows, insert stylish animated transitions, add customizable captions, and transform your footage in numerous other ways. Suffice to say you should be able to edit your video in much the same fashion as you would have done on iMovie in the past.

By now it should be clear that if you want an iMovie for PC then Movavi Video Editor is definitely your best bet. Considering all its features coupled with its user-friendly approach, it shouldn’t be too far off from what you’re used to.