Pictures: Worth More than Words


One of the most critical elements to selling anything online is the picture that goes with it. Be it a dating site where you?re trying to sell yourself (metaphorically speaking) or craigslist where you?re (literally) trying to sell your car, you will want a solid picture. Heck, you may want a few solid pictures. Often times it is the first picture that draws people in, but the second, third, or even fourth picture that confirms to them ?hey, I got to have this!? Which is why they always say ?a picture is worth a thousand words!? Now imagine how much two pictures are worth. Imagine three, four or five pictures. That is the equivalent of a lot of words. Not only that though. Photos can be photoshopped. Everyone knows this.

If you have a few pictures that confirm the same message, people tend to trust you a whole lot more all of a sudden. There are people out there making a ton of money online – not because they have the perfect product or service descriptions, but – because they have fabulous pictures speaking a thousand words. Nobody likes to read descriptions and imagine the product or service you?re selling, but everyone like to see it. So find a way to visualize it using photography or graphic design. If you are selling an ebook – a digital book that does not have a physical book cover – have an  ebook cover made. It will help you sell a ton more. Why? Because we humans are visual creatures. We like to see things. When the products are out of our reach, nothing will arouse our senses more than a picture or two of it. In fact, it is safe to say that a thousand words can not do a good picture or graphic justice.

Many studies have been done in this regard as well. Sales pages without a header image performed – in one test – about twenty percent worse than the exact same sales page WITH a header image. Another test showed how a craigslist listing with no description and five pictures way more responses than another craigslist got listing – of the same product – that had a detailed (even interesting) description and no pictures. You simply cannot underestimate the power of awesome – high quality – images when it comes to selling online. Instead of breaking your head about finding the right words to say thing, worry more about your images saying the right things. If they do, you will be fine. If they don?t, no amount of right words will compensate!