Reasons to Create Special Photos in the Gallery


The HDR technology that is used in photography is a creative technique and can combine many images at different exposures. They can be later merged into one single image to create an HDR gallery. The advantages are many one of which is that the images re created in more detail with vibrant colour and controlled lighting. The HDR images can only be created with 3-4 images. This can be further explained as one shotare regularly exposed or 1-shot 2-stops either can be overexposed or underexposed. The cameras that have the options of point and shoot cameras will allow you to change the settings of the exposure. The shoots that have advanced points and shoots usually have a bracketing mode. This makes it easier to take HDR images.

How do the HDR images look special?

  • There is an option in such images as HDR like bracketing. You can set up shots to be taken at different exposures with this option. It can be done automatically by holding the fire button that will run through the 3 or even 7 shots at the exposure levels you have set it.
  • The HDR images require a tripod so that you can eliminate any movement in the camera. These types of movements are usually seen in between the shots. The images of HDR sets can be clicked with hand held but it is necessary that you lean against a railing or a wall. This helps to keep the cameras perfectly in position during the shots.
  • The two types of images like the JPG and RAW is preferable to be shot only if the camera supports this particular format. The benefit to shoot with RAW is that it has more editing flexibility. The latest trend is that the filter is continuously updated by the different camera manufacturers.
  • The HDR gallery is created with such photos that have the option to merging feature and tone mapping. This gives great control over the images and is also easy as well as intuitive to use.
  • There are othersettings in HDR that are the main components like strength and light smoothing that helps to create real images.
  • The HDR photography allows taking photos selectively. This expands the scope to utilise it in the best possible way.
  • There is a possibility that the images are over processed. In HDR there is also a different place where you can go with images ina different direction. You need not be conservative with HDR and can log onto