Reasons Why You Need An Upgrade To Windows 10 Pro


Windows 10, the 2015 launch has been here since a long while now. But unlike the regular launches by Microsoft it brought about a big change. The users either have to purchase a new software or invest in a new laptop/PC with pre installed Windows 10.

However, with the exceptional performance Windows 10 has created its popularity easily. This attributes to a number of reasons which make it a hit.

The BitLocker safety

Bitlocker is encryption software by Microsoft. It was enabled in Vista and now stands incorporated in Windows 10 as well. When a user uses the Windows 10 pro key and activates the system on their laptop, they can now save the files on Bitlocker in encrypted form to save from unauthorized usage. Any files added to the Bitlocker gets encrypted automatically while when removed turns into a decrypted version. The Bitlocker allows locking of the files through secured passwords and other application locks. Therefore you data are always safe specially when traveling.

Desktop connection

Remote connection to desktop is available through the Windows 10 operating system. The home Windows 10 and the professional version both can be connected through a remote device to get accessibility. While the home offers only accessibility, the professional version works like a network to ease working. For a small business it is an ideal setup because for a small group of members the connection suits.


Windows 10 securely allows for the virtualization of the portion of hard drive. It allows you to run different operating systems and thus facilitate connection with several PCs for the building of a suitable work environment.

Updates for the businesses

Microsoft keeps updating the system on a routine basis. But this does not hamper the working of the business in any way. As the system updates take a lot of time with windows 10 there is an option for the users to schedule the update for the weekend or for the time they want to progress with it. Therefore there is greater flexibility offered.

WDAG on the Edge

With Microsoft Windows 10 the launch of WDAG on the Edge surfing has made it easy for the users to run searches without worrying about the web security. With WDAG enabled you can browse through dark depths and initiate better security of data!

Windows 10 brings a variety of new features for the users to experience complete freedom and better connection for the operation of their business. It is both secured and successful!