RightITnow’s New Offerings Reduce Challenges of SMEs


With the passage of time, the challenges for SMEs continue to evolve. They don’t only struggle to recruit hard working man force, but also to keep their operation quality intact. This is the main reason most of the SMEs fail to survive even after having wonderful work model. However, the improvement in technologies has made thins a lot easier than they were ever before. RightITnow is one player that’s actively working on different tools and techniques to enhance the ease of doing business for SMEs.

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Among many things that RightITnow work upon, Event Correlation and Management or ECM focuses on building such price levels that are affordable for SMEs. They had to bypass fault management and legacy events in the past due to various complexities in configuration, but with improved infrastructure and virtualization, they can easily manage their IT platforms.

RightITnow’s new management and integration system; Web 2.0 operations console that enables drag and drop configuration, dynamic charting and accessible dashboards, can address all the requirements of SMEs in the best possible way. The company also provides many other lucrative solutions, details of which can be attained on www.rightitnow.com connectors.

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What Are They?

Among many innovative solutions that RightITnow offers, one is Solarwinds connector. It provides integration between RightITnow ECM and Solarwinds Orion NPM, which further helps the IT department of any company to correlate, consolidate and reduce a high volume of alerts from Solarwinds Orion NPM via the event correlation technology of RightITnow ECM.

RightITnow ECM

The Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Manager for their day to day operations, gain easy insight into the status and performance of their monitored network infrastructure devices. It supports multiple data collection methods, including log messages via Syslog, status based on response to interface pings and targeted device or performance metrics via SNMP monitors.

It’s very important for the IT department of any company to know the health of its infrastructure so that it can take suitable action if something goes wrong. With Solarwinds Orion NPE, they can easily do that and save their cost in the best possible way. Along with access to network infrastructure, it also helps them generate high volume events on a daily basis. If there is a problem with the network infrastructure of any IT company, Solarwinds Orion NPE alerts the respective team instantly so that a suitable action can be taken and the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

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In the case of SMEs, different IT focused activities keep going on simultaneously, which makes it difficult to monitor them manually. Even if any company tries to do that, it has to invest huge unnecessary money in extra manual resources, which increases the overall cost. At a time when the market is tight and revenues aren’t that high, it’s difficult for any SME to afford this extra burden. RightITnow’s Solarwinds connector can be of great help to such companies and save significant money without compromising the service quality.