SAN Certificates & SSL Certificates


People who want to secure transmitted data can so by obtaining a SSL certificate. During your time on the Internet, you have probably seen these kinds of certificates, which are used to verify data downloaded from another website. Without these certificates, the Internet simply could not perform certain vital functions. SAN certificates can provide additional benefits that go beyond those offered by SSL certificates. Acquiring a SAN certificate makes Internet purchases even more secure by covering multiple host websites. If you operate more than one website, make sure you buy SAN (Subject Alternative Names) certificates.

SSL authentication provides an important security measure. There are a few notable security certificates available, and dedicated SSL is among them. SSL is also referred to as Secure Sockets Layer. This security standard transmits data via encryption; once the information has arrived at its intended destination, it is decoded.

Application of SAN Certificates:

  • Virtual hosting of various SSL websites on a single IP address: Managing various SSL-enabled websites on one server commonly requires the use of a distinctive IP address for every site. SAN certification can take care of this issue.
  • Secure names of distinctive base domains in one SSL Certificate: A “wildcard” certificate can secure all first-level sub domains on a whole domain; for instance:
  • Careful management of your Exchange Server 2007 SSL setup: Utilizing a SAN certificate spares you the time and energy involved in designing numerous IP addresses on your Exchange 2007 server and tying each IP to an alternate certificate.