Should you DIY Your Website?


Short answer:  No. 

But here is why:

Building a website can be difficult.  As with most technical operations, building a website requires specialized knowledge and skills that not everyone is privy too. Of course, you could take the time to learn these things, but most people starting a business don’t have that extra time to invest in learning how to build and design websites.

Now, since web-based businesses are booming there are many options available for building your own website.  Sure, there are a number of online web-builders you can use to construct your site but these have limitations that might not best serve your company.  These provide you with simple templates that, while often beautifully rendered, might not perfectly capture your brand.

Aside from these convenient options, a smarter choice might be to hire a professional Montreal Graphic Design company to handle it for you. And here are three reasons to go with a professional firm over doing it yourself.


Even though you have done your research, and you know your business caters to your industry, there are many things you might overlook when trying to design your website on your own?  There are certain things that clients and customers look for when visiting a website, and the things they look for might not be what you have in mind.  A professional web developer will either know these variables intimately or will do the necessary research to make sure your website is made to fit your industry.


But while you need a website that fits the industry you serve you also need to have a website that is unique to your business.  You need focus visitors so they understand how your company compares (or exceeds) others in the same industry.  Again, this is something that might not be easy for you to identify but an experienced web developer should have some fresh ideas.


Finally, you are going to want a website that not only uniquely demonstrates the quality of your product or service but, more importantly, why your brand is special.  This comes down to developing a solid vision for your company and business plan and then designing a site and strategy that communicates your brand to your customers. By customizing your site to your brand you will more effectively and efficiently encourage customers to visit and convert them to long-time customers.