Sky Telephone Services


Sky has a great customer service department, however they prefer to do things online, finding a number to call can be a real effort, so if you need to contact sky, why not use to find a reliable, direct Sky telephone number?

This will cost you 7 pence per minute, which is great value compared to other lines which could cost much more. It is an affordable way of contacting sky.

Sky Telephone

Sky has many products and services to offer, one of which is Sky Talk. This is a home landline service that Sky provides to their customers. You will usually have this bundled with a TV and phone package and you can keep your phone number if you are switching from another provider.You can choose from various different packages depending on how often you use your telephone.

Sky Telephone

Some of the more popular options are as follows:

Evening and Weekend:you can use the phone for free to any 01, 02 and 03 number from 6pm to 12am Monday to Friday. You can also use the phone over the weekend, without worrying about the time.

However, it should be noted, that if you intend to make a long call, the free talk covers you for an hour per call. To get around this, simply put the phone down when you near the end of your hour, and call back again. The hour resets each time you make a call. If you don’t you may end up with charges you didn’t expect.

Sky Talk Anytime:this gives you the added bonus of being able to call any landline for free regardless of day or time. if you pay a little extra you can upgrade to the anytime extra deal, which also lets you call 0845 and 0870 numbers for free, again only for an hour. But it’s much better than having to pay for it! Especially if you are placed on hold for a while.

Other Features                                  

Sky is Different to other companies, as it offers extra features for free what other companies charge for. There are two major reasons for choosing sky as your phone provider. The first is the fact that it offers caller ID for free. This is great if you want to avoid any unwanted calls,however, you will need a phone that can display caller ID first, these are relatively cheap and you should be able to pick one up for a good price. It cannot give you a number if the caller has withheld their number, but then at least you can decide whether to answer the phone or not.

Other Features

If you have an inbuilt address book on your phone, the caller ID will tell you the name of the person; think about never having to answer any telesales calls or people looking for charity donations again!

You will have to activate this service, but you can always ask a sky engineer to do it for you when they install your phone line. Alternatively you can ring sky and ask them how to do it.The second major reason for choosing sky is the fact that you can withhold your number when making an outbound call; this is especially useful if you call a company and do not want them to know your number.