SMB Tech Mistakes – Backup? What Backup?


There is a funny moment in Spaceballs once the villains realize the Self Destruct Cancellation button is damaged and Dark Helmet curses “Even later on nothing works!” Equipment failure is inevitable. Get ready for you and it will not suffer the effects.

For those our technology, there’s nothing on the planet that may stop a malfunction. Once we be dependent on technology, we’re much more susceptible to tech disruptions. Statistics show any company that suffers a significant loss of data has run out of business within five years. You shouldn’t be a statistic! Go ahead and take proper steps right now to safeguard your and yourself business.

Smart companies will require all necessary steps to safeguard themselves from disaster. A 2007 Carnegie Mellon College study discovered that hard drives fail 15 occasions more frequently than manufacturer’s estimates. The study figured that hard disk failure rates average at 4% and peaked at 13%! Individuals might not appear high, but don’t forget that individuals figures are cumulative, meaning each year you take a 4-13% chance of losing a hard disk.

Considering the significance of the data stored in your computers, these rates become unacceptable. 4 % may appear as an incredibly low rate of failure before you consider what that failure might cost you. If you’re lucky it could just set you back a couple of several weeks of labor. If you’re unlucky it might disaster your company.

I recall one customer who declined to purchase any backups or redundancy. The hard disk that stored the majority of the files for his or her marketing department crashed. They spent $10,000 on the file recovery service which wasn’t in a position to recover anything. And so they lost several weeks of labor which brought to that particular year’s catalog being delayed by 4 several weeks. I estimate the whole fiasco cost them up to $250,000 in lost revenue and labor. The backup solution we specified on their behalf might have cost $9,500.

With the cloud you’ve got no more excuses. With cloud data storage running at approximately $1 per gigabyte there’s just pointless to disregard backup. I am not to imply you have to backup every last shred of knowledge, only the critical data that means something for your business survival.


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