The Most Useful Guide to Best Managed WordPress Hosting providers made Easy for You!!


Staying active in the face of competition for any business is challenging. While there is a constant pressure to upgrade services, business promotion also needs to be strategic to garner the attention of users.

If you are one of those businesses figuring out on how to get your WordPress website hosted, we are there to help! Right from Free, shared, Managed to VPS, there is an enormous plethora of choices available when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Understanding the concept of Managed Web Hosting

With increase in the number of WordPress users, many web hosting websites have come up with managed hosting services. Like the name suggests “Managed”, everything comes pre-managed with these web hosting providers. Right from performance optimization, security plugins to regular backups, you don’t have to be worried about anything.

Hence, managed web hosting services are fast, reliable and one of the best ways to make your WordPress websites hosted hassle free. However, in exchange of the features you get, you are required to pay a higher end amount as compared to other types of hosting services. But, all the money spent is worth the experience!

While the first quarter of 2017 is already over, we have come up with some of the most efficient and best managed WordPress hosting 2017 providers that could help you with your website management in a breeze! Check them out here!!


Being an all one in the list, there is a lot in offerings for users with Kinsta!! Running on the back of Google infrastructure, it manages heavy duty sites flawlessly. Moreover, it supports the best technologies including HHVM, memcache, Nginx ensuring that your website runs amazingly fast. Other features include regular backups, free staging area and restriction free visits which are like the cheery on the cake. And the best part, the pricing plan is extremely competitive and starts with 100$ a day!

This one is another managed web hosting service that has some super-efficient pricing plans allowing users to select the one that fits in best to their needs and requirements.

Basic Features of include

  • Regular software and plugin updates
  • Backups that happen daily
  • Varnish caching mechanism that comes built-in
  • Unlimited visits

Moreover, with the cheapest $99 dollar plan, there is nothing economical that a user could get with such features!

WP Engine

Raging high in popularity, WPengine has almost everything a web hosting individual would practically need. The reason behind good customer reception of this managed web hosting provider is the cheaper pricing plans that start from $29 a month for a single WordPress site allowing 25,000 visits monthly. This makes it a good alternative for users who cannot afford Kinsta. From security scans, regular backups to customised staging, you will get the features right for what you pay!

While these recommendations will make the task easy for you, your ultimate choice would dependonce you have analysed your needs well. Keep in mind factors like support, pricing, features and scalability and get down with the platform that works best for you!