Top 5 Apps for Spying on Android Calls and Messages


Spying apps have become quite popular nowadays, and if you’re in the market looking for one that lets you monitor calls and messages on Android phones, then you have come to the right place. In the midst of thousands of spying tools, it can get pretty difficult to find one that fits your needs. Realizing this problem, we have outlined five of the best apps for spying on calls and messages.


Mobistealth is an incredible tool for keeping an eye on calls and messages among other things. It records calls and uploads them to your online user account, from where you can listen to them at your own convenience. Furthermore, it provides you detailed information regarding those calls, including the timestamp, duration, and even the number to which the call was made to from which it was received. That’s not all as this sneaky app also allows you to view the contact list on the target phone. Mobistealth is equally proficient in SMS monitoring as it keeps tabs on each and every text message sent and received on the target phone, including the content of messages, their timestamp, and the phone number of sender or recipient. If you really want detailed spying on calls and messages, then you just can’t go wrong with this app.


This is another great tool for keeping tabs on calls and messages. With the help of this app, you are able to see all SMS conversations, along with other details such as name and phone number of sender/recipient and timestamp. Full access to call log is also offered by mSpy. You can see phone numbers from where the calls are placed or on which they are received, and you can also see the duration of calls. These features work in tandem to give you a premium experience.


FlexiSPY is a great tool for call monitoring as it allows you to listen in on each call that your target makes or receives. Furthermore, you can record calls so that you can listen to it later on. There’s also call logging feature that provides you information about the caller and the duration of the call. As far as SMS monitoring is concerned, FlexiSPY shines here as well. It helps you go through each and every text message sent and received on your target’s smartphone.


TheTruthSpy boasts some amazing features and provides you with a bunch of options. While it too is capable of monitoring phone calls and messages like many of its competitors, it stands out by allowing you to be specific. If you don’t want to keep tabs on everything that happens on the target phone, then this is the best choice for you. There’s an option in this tool that allows you to spy on a specific phone number. This means that you will only receive information if a call is made or received, or an SMS is sent or received from a particular number. It’s helpful if you’re looking to keep an eye on the digital communication between specific people only.

Mobile Spy

If you’re not too curious about the content of calls made, then this is the one app for you. It provides you with the call information, but doesn’t let you record or listen to it. However, you will still be given detail regarding all calls made or received. SMS monitoring is also present, allowing you to see the content of all received and sent messages without a hitch.