Top tricks to crack JEE Mains – try to learn not memorize concepts


It is needless to say that IIT JEE Mains or Advanced exam is one of the toughest exams in the country for which millions of students practice, prepare and work hard so that they can early admissions into premium colleges. Of course, there are a few aspirants who focus more on getting a drop so that they can give their best in preparations however, taking a drop of a year can sometimes be a challenge because of the distractions and reduced level of enthusiasm. A number of experts and graduates who have already cracked this prestigious exam have suggested that the aspirants should focus more on learning rather remembering the concepts. There are times while you are taking this exam when you forget a formula or equation when your analytical skills will need to work. Such things are not taught in coaching rather these things should come from within. So, here you will find some of the best and finest tips about how to clear the JEE Mains exam easily and with comfort.

Perfect and dedicated schedule

There is an old saying which dictates that planning is better worth achievement rather than wondering in doldrums. This will apply to your JEE Mains preparation if you really want to achieve something at the end. Study is a rigorous mechanism where you will need to put all your efforts and skills in a planned manner. You cannot just wander here and there thinking you wish you could be an IIT graduate. Yes, this is the reason why experts suggest making quality schedule for your lifestyle which allows you to allot some dedicated time to leisure, study and fitness as well. Once you make a schedule for your life just a few months before of JEE exam, it will certainly help you in achieving the desired results. You should further make it sure that you follow the schedule strictly, without being a defaulter.

Imbibe some of the common formulae

While you are taking the exam of JEE Mains, you may need to come well prepared with some set of concepts, formula and equations which can directly help you in resolving the concern. IIT questions are sometimes very tricky and they will just need your remembering power. Giving an active call to your judgment in terms of equation and filling in the required facts given in the question can yield super results, saving your time and energy. Some of the common concepts in this category which are worth remembering are cube roots, square roots, trigonometric ratios, logarithmic charts of common values and nonetheless, popular inventions made in physics.

Increase problem solving skills and speed

Given fixed time duration for taking JEE exam, you will have to cope with the pressure of giving right answers to the questions asked in the paper. This can only be possible if you have the power of speed, accuracy and analytical skills. The first step while solving any question is to analyze and interpret what the question is about and what needs to be answered. This will demand for the highest levels of speed and accuracy so that you can manage the solutions easily and effectively. These things can be sharpened if you will practice previous year questions and take model papers at regular intervals. Putting extra hours of practice in preparations for the JEE Mains exam will definitely enhance your confidence, speed and lower the rate of confusion which most of the students are vulnerable to.

Solve questions first which needs less time

If you are at the examination hall taking the toughest paper of JEE Mains, you know time will matter the most. You will never like to invest more time in questions which are unknown to you or which you know nothing about. So, the best idea in these situations is to solve those questions which are familiar to you. This will be done in lesser time and will definitely increase your speed. Further, this will also save your time which can be spent at a later stage, if you want to give a try at the tougher questions. JEE paper is set in such a way that it will be typical for you to analyze the variety of questions based on the difficulty level, so you should better filter those queries based on the topics which you have practiced more.