Why Access Point Management is Important for Your Business Network


Every business grows to a point where they need to look at how IT is managed and a plan to grow with the business. With small businesses, it may mean simply learning to set up your server, but as the number of workers grows, so too does your network. Without a smart plan for access point management you can quickly find yourself in a tangle of users, with little to no security. By taking the time to consider each of the three main areas where this management can be implemented, you can not only have a network that grows with your business but actually helps it to be a strong secure network to support everything you do.

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Plan Your Deployment Carefully

Is your company growing and needs to move to a larger space? This would be the ideal time to consider a plan for access point management. It will allow you to grow into a more complex network and still be able to monitor and control all of the components of that network from one handy location. If you design with capabilities and scope in mind, including plans for growth, you can have a network design that will grow with you and actually be an important part of what you offer. Making sure that the network you design is fully integrated with how your company needs to work is just one of many considerations when at the planning stage. Look beyond today and design with growth in mind.

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Access Point Management – A Tool for Growth

One of the biggest headaches for any growing business is the ability to monitor the operation of its network. This can be alleviated when plans are in place that allow a central server to have access to monitoring tools that will allow you to log events as they happen and point to weak spots in your system. The goal is to be able to have anyone let the administrator know when component failure happens and allow them to react quickly. This allows a seamless running of the business, especially as we now rely on our network to do everything from manage our emails to keep our websites up and running that deliver our orders. Without a comprehensive access point management system in place, the chaos would quickly leave any well run business in tatters.

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Troubleshooting from the Hip

While planning is all very fine, no one scores 100 all the time with their network. This is why having the ability to troubleshoot problems as they arise is so critical to keeping a network up and running. When you have a well designed access point management system in place, it allows a company to create the tools for this. While the need to troubleshoot a problem may not come up very often, when it does it is critical to keeping everything running smoothly. Knowing if the problem is a failed access point or something within the LAN itself can save critical time in the case of a meltdown. This will allow the tech to identify the problem, replace the failed piece or reboot for internal fixes and move on. They can use management tools to identify how to prevent the problem in the future. For any business the ability to move on a problem and solve it quickly can mean the difference between success and failure.