Why Avoid The Overuse Of Keywords?


Over the years, the use of SEO strategies has evolved a lot. From the first, the biggest hero at work was keywords. Keywords were extensively used to enhance search engine rankings during the beginning of SEO. However, as years passed, the use of keywords is still in the main picture, but it is crucial to use them carefully. Many amateur SEO agencies in Singapore are still giving too much pressure on keywords alone. But, in reality, overuse of keywords can bring more problems than benefits.

Lack of reader interest

When we fully aim to increase the ranking by stuffing keywords, this will completely drain out the quality of the content. This can lead to a lack of engagement among the readers. It doesn’t matter how high in the results your websites are when readers felt it low in the quality you will not be benefited from it.


The search engine algorithm is the main thing that ranks websites. With the overuse of keywords became common, the algorithms were altered to work differently. Along with these differences, it was also made to find sites with keyword stuffing and penalize them. So if you end up overusing keywords, you will not rank better; along with these, there are chances of your website getting blacklisted by search engines.