Xiaomi Mi 5: Reasons You Should Definitely Consider Buying It


Imagining life without a smart phone is kind of your life without water. Today, phones are not mere device to call or text. You can listen to music, play games, and do your office jobs, set reminder and many- the list is never ending. The advanced technology has made the smart phones smarter and the leading manufacturers are giving tough competition to each other by launching incredible phones with astounding features. If you are tired of using your old phone and want to try something new, think out-of-the box. Xiaomi has launched their new version, Mi 5 which has the capacity to make people go crazy.

Reasons to Buy Mi 5

When you decide something to buy, you definitely want good reasons for that. After all you’re paying well for the product. It is quite difficult to limit the reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi5 within five points, as this phone has come to market to win hearts. Still, here are the vital reasons why you can buy this phone now-

Right Software

As the phone is built on Android 6.0 Marshmallow; you can get all the optimization, done by Google. Also, Xiaomi’s own interface, MIUI 7 is there which makes it easier to access all the Google apps. You are getting customized interface here with five default themes and customized buttons.

Premium Look-

While you are paying good amount for a phone, you definitely want it to be looked wonderful. The sophisticated look of Xiaomi Mi 5 actually meets your need. The 3D ceramic rear gives the phone rounded edges and makes it look unique. The body is scratch-resistant, so the polished look will sustain long.

Processor and Storage

If you buy the cheapest model, you can get 3 GB inbuilt RAM and 2.1 GHz Snapdragon 820 processor. In case you buy Pro model, you will get extra storage capacity. While the standard model has the storage capacity up to 32 GB or 64 GB, it is the Pro model that has 128 GB storage. This has made the phone speedy.

Battery Life-

The Marshmallow battery optimization has made the battery of the phone much advanced. The 3000mAH battery can be charged quickly. You can get 80%-90% charge if you keep your phone plugged in for just an hour.


While buying a smart phone, you definitely concentrate on the quality of the camera. If you can’t take good selfies and pictures, then paying a high price for asmartphone is not worthy enough. The 16 MP camera can give you the best click. The front camera is of 4 MP and the f/2.0 aperture is capable of taking selfies even from 80-degree angles.

Hopefully, these features are enough to convince you to switch to Mi5 right now. Online shopping of Mi5 is also quite easy now as the same is available at Tata CLiQ and Mi website as well.